Cooking and eating rabokki for three days in a row now. It is just divine. And so easy to make. Usually I stress myself out with all the food prep korean food requires, but this is an exception.

Light jogging every morning to help with what seems to me an ungodly amount of carbs in that dish (also the exercise helps my mood). Well, I'm not exactly going to weigh the ramen to see just how much carbs there is after I have already cooked it and coated it in sauce. I will just have to be at peace with the fact and brace myself for weigh in on Saturday.

I have made some lovely food this week: that salad, the juicy cherry tomatoes, mmm. And the chicken it came with... I mean. I find comfort in repeated meals anyway, but I could really just indulge myself in that all day, every day.

I am currently in the bedroom- I have locked myself in here for six hours now. Slept for three. Had an argument with husband. I don't know what's going on with him that he seems to want to avoid this social engagement and refuse the invite from his boss, even though the seats/meals have already been paid for, for our entire family. To me it's rude that he won't rearrange his other thing which can be rearranged. And he is putting me in an awkward position by planning to literally just drop me off without even a lift home. Never mind office politics.

So my regular eating for today got messed up because I skipped lunch. I feel more comfortable, less bloated now. I can leave the room and eat now too, because he just texted that he's leaving. My turn to watch the kids.

On a scale of one to immature, where do I land, eh?

2021-11-23.4:27 p.m.
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