Today we cycled to town and chose glasses for my two year old. The prescription is very low; it's mostly to get him accustomed to wearing them because his right eye has a squint and that needs to be corrected. Something about him trying on glasses sparked a joy in me that I thought I had lost. Everytime he allowed us to put specs on his face, everytime he smiled at his own reflection on the camera, everytime he responded to us when we asked which glasses he preferred... He was smiling. I was so proud and happy.

It took me back to similar instances with our first child when everything she did was imaginative, brilliant, funny. I miss that rapport between a curious brain exploring the world and my jaded adult one. It's not often that happens with my boy. So now I cherish the moments where we see him progress developmentally and he engages socially.

My husband impressed me with his gallantry. Sometimes I think maybe we have lost a little of that spark we had in the beginning when we were trying to learn about, and impress each other. But that's not really true. He looks after me in the best ways. I always feel safe when he is around and I admit I sometimes take that for granted. Today I especially felt secure as he cycled behind me, calling out directions and instructions so I could navigate through the busy traffic safely. All while balancing our little boy strapped in his bike seat.

He makes things so easy. From doing little things like making sure we never run out of milk. To major gestures like fixing up an entire bike when, in passing, I said that I would like to try a bigger one.

"Don't worry about me."

He only said that about me trying to prepare lunch for him while sorting the kids out, but I really never have to. He is never a burden to me. I always dreamed of a man who would take care of me the way little girls dream of some kind of Prince Charming. My life is far from a Disney fairytale; he is not the romantic cliche, but he does take care of me and he loves me.

I'll take security and stability over heady romance any day.

2021-11-09.4:24 p.m.
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