Welp, so husband tested positive to a random monthly PCR test for our household (we take part in a study). Kids and I are all negative, but as per current guidelines we don't have to isolate. None of us have symptoms - D has a bit of a sniffle but certainly none of the classic signs.

I'm not worried at all. We're vaxxed. Eldest already tested positive almost exactly a year ago and was asymptomatic then too. Again that was only caught because of a random test. That time, husband and I were negative but I'm almost certain that was a false result because I had a migraine that lasted over a week, plus fatigue. Husband was fine, but felt mild tiredness.

I have had a busy day, except now my eyelid is twitching due to stress. I'd rather that than be unproductive, though. I feel as if I've caught up on my work somewhat.

Had to text my therapist in case he isn't comfortable seeing me next week, even though strictly speaking I don't have to isolate. Eldest and I will be testing daily for a week to be sure.

Edit to add: Therapist has said best to either postpone or do an online catch-up session. I'm rolling my eyes so hard; I would rather postpone than do online if I'm honest. But I know husband would want me to at least do a Zoom thing. Ugh.

2022-01-11.3:53 p.m.
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