Husband got demoted. Cancelled my driving lesson and lost money on that because I'm locked in the room again trying to process this. We could be moving. But we're definitely going to lose the company car. If we move that means all of my son's therapy and assessment referrals will have to start from scratch. I've been waiting 18 months. My own therapy will have to stop or be disrupted too. My daughter may need to move schools.

I'm very worried. Very very worried. Projecting a lot of blame on him because I saw this coming, and also feeling guilty because maybe this was my fault for not being the best I could be the last six months. We're being punished because of my issues.

I'm finding it so hard to be positive through all this. Feels like I just resolved one source of sadness and an even worse issue comes along. I'm not a strong person and this is something that is literally going to change everything for us. How do I do this.

2021-11-25.12:08 p.m.
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